Admirable People

U know who I admire, Becky G. She has this urban chic style that is so awesome and she’s talented in so many ways how could u not admire her!? She has great [and appropriate] songs that I personally love. My favorite song of hers is ” Can’t Get Enough”. If u have some one u admire then don’t be afraid to comment on this post, go ahead I don’t mind.



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Admirable Person

U wanna know the star I admire the most, Becky  G. She has this special urban chic style. She is also one of the best and most achieving teenage female rappers that I have ever heard of. She is a role model and she’s a very great singer, dancer, and rapper.


    I know that other people might think that other people r better than her and that’s OK because what I think is an opinion. Tell me ur opinion by either emailing me at .


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Cody Simpson Crazy

OMG!!!! I can’t believe that I never realized how talented Cody Simpson is! I mean my favorite song of his is most def La Da Dee but most girls love that song. I mean seriously I have gone Cody Simpson Crazy because of that song. I wonder if I will ever get the chance to meet him one day?! If u like Cody Simpson tell me ur favorite song by him, I’d love to know.


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Little Sister

Sometimes they can be cute but min e u don’t know the half of it. I mean sometimes it would be okay for her to ask me questions but I just got my own room so I need my privacy. Now lets get back to little sisters, if u have one or one on the way, I recommend this little series that I type everyday called ” The Little Sister Diaries” it’s going to be about the adventures of having a little sister. I advise u to read it. It starts on June 8th, 2014. If ur interested and want to know more then email me at .


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School Is Out

Hi, again. Let me tell u that the last day of school was awesome!!!! It was so cool we got to go rock climbing, we got to do the obstacle bouncy house, we got to have snow cones and popsicles, we got to play in the water, and we got to play volleyball, WITH BEACH BALLS!!!!!!! It was so much fun. Please comment and tell me what u did for the last day of school?

New Beginnings

Hi everyone. I’m the writer and typer of this blog. I’m currently 9 years old. I’m going to be 10 on December 17. I want to say that I’m starting over. I’m going to be writing different post and I’m going to be doing it more frequently. I hope that u all like the changes that have been made to the blog and will help me along the journey of the things I put on by giving me feedback and reading more of my blogs.


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